Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let the Poop Melt begin! (what you should know)

Did you really clean up all the poop your dog generated this winter? I didn't.  Nobody wants to admit this truth, especially my mother, but I bet many of you didn't hike through 3 feet of snow after each turd.

At first I tried...there were a few days where I trudged through 3 feet of snow to pick up the steamers before they froze.  But, eventually, I got lazy and decided to wait until the snow melt.  Gross, I know.  Today, with only 6 inches of snow left...I got out my rubber gloves and my shovel.

While kind of funny, if you like bathroom humor, and nasty all at the same time, pet waste is actually a serious issue.  Many people don't realize that pet waste is actually as hazardous as human waste.  It needs to be cleaned up and disposed of properly.  Many diseases can be spread through your dogs poop including:
1) Campylobacteriosis
2) Salmonellosis
3) Toxocarisis

I'll spare you the details, but just click on the links above if you'd like to learn more. 

If you wouldn't throw your poop over your neighbor's fence, toss it in the woods, leave it on the street or stick it down the drain - don't do it with your dogs poop either.  Here's what you should do:

1) Flush it
2) Bury it
3) Trash it

In case your pet isn't like Mr. Jinx from Meet the Parents, I'd suggest options two or three.  The Lowe's Paint buckets with a trash bag as a liner work really well - especially if you clean up and out with the weekly trash pick up.  If that's not for you, consider an in-ground septic system.

Or, if you are really lazy - hit up and hire a pooper-scooper.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Should I vote for Vick for MVP?

Okay, well the short answer to that question is NO.  As a football fan, I only have eyes for Tom Brady.  Long hair and all.  C'mon people. That man is just stunning on and off the field...and you know it.

With all the recent chatter about the MVP award down to Michael Vick or Tom Brady.  Vick's past has resurfaced on again on Facebook, FOXNews, and our dearest Mr. President has even had a thing or two to say.  When hearing all the recent reminded me how quickly us Americans forgive and forget.  But, to some what Michael Vick did is unforgivable and still very raw.  How do you feel?

Tucker Carlson said he thinks Michael Vick should be "executed" for what he's done (source: FOXNews - google it people).  Personally, that seems a bit extreme.  Do you think Vick did his time?  The man did spend a long, lonely 21-months in the slammer.  Besides, Mr. President thinks it is just wonderful that the Eagles were willing to give him a second chance.  Does he even deserve a second chance?

As a friend recently proclaimed on her facebook page...what about all the people that rescued the abused dogs and gave them a second chance.  Mr. President, is that worthy of a phone call?

Michael Vick now volunteers with the Human Society and works with children educating them on the ills of dogfighting.  Before you say, "yeah right" - read this article.

I write this today because, as this issue has resurfaced, I have more questions than I do answers.  What do you think?

There are three things I know for certain:

  • The President of the United States should start worrying about the United States and not Michael Vick's second chance
  • Someday, Michael Vick will go in front of the highest court in the land and, for his sake, I hope he is truly sorry for his sins
  • And, Tom Brady will be MVP